Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FIJI Basketball Championship

Fiji Fraternity had its championship intramural game against Aepi Tuesday night at Ritchie Coliseum at the University of Maryland. Members of the A-team warmed up before the game's 10 p.m. start. 

Referees discussed what their techniques would be before the game started. The game ran late as members of Fiji's team were double booked to play in a soccer tournament. 
Team captains, Eric Bennett from Aepi and Jackson O'Brien from Fiji met with the referees before game time to discuss sportsmanship and rules of the game.

Aepi's Uri Pearl makes a free throw while Fiji forward Tom Geenen boxes out Aepi center Thomas Gutterman.
Aepi point guard Uri Pearl dribbles the ball up the court, but it wasn't enough to overcome Fiji's defense.

Fiji Forwards Tom Geenen and Pat Hopkins rest on the bench during halftime. 
Fans and members of Fiji, Emerson Whitney, Kevin Maclary and Kyle Moler cheer for their friends on the court. 

Fiji's team celebrates their 53-33 win over Aepi with a post-game huddle.  

Lauren Seijido, a sophomore at the University of Maryland, gives Fiji point guard Nigel Crayton a congratulatory hug after his win. 
Players Jackson O'Brien, Pat Hopkins, Jonathan Shaham, Nigel Crayton, Jake Fakler and Tom Geenen pose for pictures after they win the championship.  They are now the number one fraternity basketball team. 

 Senior shooting guard Jonathan Shaham is all smiles after his last fraternity championship, although he says it is a bittersweet moment. This is his third consecutive championship with fellow teammate Jackson O'Brien (not pictured) who are both graduating in May.